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We at the Cellar Restaurant specialise in regional Indian dishes inspired by the great Moguls, Nawabs and Rajahs, all freshly prepared by our award winning chefs. Many of our unique herbs and spices are directly imported from the Indian subcontinent.


Cellar's Balti

Tikka Balti
Cooked with onions, capsicum, herbs and coriander. Medium in flavour Chicken tikka, lamb or vegetables Also available with mushrooms, spinach or potatoes

Dakna Methi Balti
Whole breast chicken tikka or grilled baby lamb chops with spicy potatoes and methi leaves in a spicy sauce. Delicious flavour you should try this!

Kingsize Prawns & Chicken Tikka Balti Special
Grilled kingsize prawns and chicken tikka with fresh herbs

Asanok Balti
Chicken tikka, lamb and prawns cooked together for the ultimate mixed balti.
Why settle for one variety of taste?

Cellar's Gourmet Balti
Grilled chicken, beef fillet and kingsize prawns cooked with fresh herbs, aam chutney, lemon grass and thezz patha. Lemon grass fuses the herbs to perfection.

*Please note that most main courses will take 20 minutes to cook


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The Cellar Restaurant & Bar, 7 Market Place, Alcester,
Near Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, UK, B49 5AF
Day time:  0791 768 5550     Evenings: 01789 764 635