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We specialise in regional Indian dishes inspired by the great Moguls, all freshly prepared by our award winning chefs. It is highly unlikely that unless you have visited the many famous palaces or world renowned hotels of India you will ever have tasted food so good or enjoyed such a culinary experience.

Chef's Recommendations

The taste of India

Goanese Lal Qilla (Cellar's 2nd most popular dish)
Highly spiced duck breast, chicken, Lamb or king size prawns cooked in a herb sauce together with fresh ginger, lemon grass and whole green chillies. Deliciously spicy and slightly hot!

The Raj's Duck Metha Tenga (Cellar's 3rd most popular dish)
Voted by our regulars as the finest duck dish they have eaten. Breast of young ducklings, chicken or kingsize prawns grilled and cooked in a mild rich textured sauce with orange, garlic and fresh herbs. Always offered when the Raj entertained hunting parties at his winter palace

Monkfish or Salmon ke Khazna
Marinated monkfish or fillets of salmon, grilled and cooked in a lemon, ginger spiced sauce. Traditionally skewered on sticks over open fires on the seashores of Goa .

Venison Sunderbans
Grilled venison finely sliced and panfried with garlic, crushed tomatoes, bay leaves, methi and spices from sunderbans, the home of royal bengal tigers. A cultured huntsman's choice and Mountbatten's favourite whilst he was the viceroy!

Cellar's Gourmet ke Thezz (Cellar's 1st most popular dish)
Chicken, lamb, beef Tikka, kingsize prawns, duck or venison marinated with rare herbs and spices from Cox's Bazaar and Chittagong region, grilled in our tandoor. Served on a sizzling skillet with spicy onions in a medium sauce. In India this will be the Babursi ke Kezmath (Chef's choice) in top notch restaurants. One of my personal favourites.

*Please note that most main courses will take 20 minutes to cook


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